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This is the deep dive documentation for the Tool Window reference sample inside the Visual Studio SDK. If you do not already have the Visual Studio SDK installed, you can download it from
Please click on the "Downloads" tab to download the deep dive documentation. Both C# and VB versions are available.


This reference sample in the VS SDK introduces how to integrate additional user interface elements called tool windows into Visual Studio. The sample demonstrates the design pattern used in Managed Package Framework to create and manage tool windows. After reading this whitepaper you will get familiar with the following things:
  • How to create tool windows that persist their states between Visual Studio sessions?
  • How to add tool windows with dynamic visibility depending on the current context?
  • How to set up the initial state of tool windows and how to display them?
To understand concepts treated here it is assumed that you are familiar with the idea of VSPackages and you know how to build and register very simple (even non-functional) packages.
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