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Twitter Analyzer

** Download the code here **

Prerequisites: Visual Studio 2010 RTM, IronPython 2.6.1 for .NET 4, and either Office 2007 or Office 2010.

There are four parts to using this WPF Twitter application:
  1. Load a twitter feed
    1. This can be done by searching for a query keyword, or by loading a saved file.
  2. Analyze the feed and find trends
    1. This can be performed sequentially or in parallel
  3. Filter the results
    1. Several filters can be applied:
      1. Click on a tag cloud in the trends section above, and filter results to that term
      2. Enter a custom keyword to filter on
      3. Make the filter search the HTML in the URL referenced by the tweet, in addition to the tweet itself
      4. Use Python to script against the results and create a custom filter
  4. Export the filtered results to Excel
    1. You can also save the unfiltered list of results in File->Save File.
You can view a walkthrough of the application in action on my blog.
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