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Visual LINQ Query Builder


Download and run VLinqSetup.msi to install Visual LINQ Query Builder. Quick Reference Guide VLINQ.docx is a documentation explaining how to use VLINQ for the first time users. HowtoUseVLINQ.wmv shows how to use VLINQ as well. UserDocumentation VLINQ.docx is a documentation for all the features provided by VLINQ.

Please note that if you want to recompile the source code, you will need the Visual Studio SDK to be installed. See: http://msdn.microsoft.com/vsx

The setup bugs were fixed in the current version (4/17/2008). If you want to install the new version but you had the last version, you should uninstall the last version before installing this new version.


Runtime Binary VLinqSetup.msi
runtime binary, 2195K, uploaded Apr 18 2008  - 56756 downloads
Documentation Quick Reference Guide VLINQ.docx
documentation, 1134K, uploaded Apr 1 2008  - 26490 downloads
Documentation UserDocumentation VLINQ.docx
documentation, 608K, uploaded Apr 1 2008  - 21253 downloads
Documentation HowtoUseVLINQ.wmv
documentation, 3263K, uploaded Apr 1 2008  - 28878 downloads
Source Code VLinqSources.zip
source code, 3987K, uploaded Apr 18 2008  - 25872 downloads

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