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Language Futures Page

Hosted by Beth Massi and Charlie Calvert

Futures Overview

This gateway site will evolve over time as a place where posts about the future of Micrsoft's languages can be place. It is designed to give insight into the plans for teams such as Visual Basic and C++ that are part of Visual Studio. Each post will highlight one or more key subjects that will impact users of these core Visual Studio languages. If you wish to comment on one of the topics discussed here, click the discussions tab and find the thread on the topic you want to discuss. You will sometimes find subjects broken out on the Issue Tracker. You can use this latter tool to vote for the options that attract your attention.

What to expect...

It is important that everyone has the right expectations. The information on these pages are meant to be a helpful guideline for developers, and not a binding commitment. We are not attempting to give a complete list of features in the product, but only to share what we can in a way that will be easily accessible to all developers who are interested in the direction of developer tools. The Visual Studio schedule, unforeseen technical problems, intellectual property rights and competitive pressures may impact our schedules or our ability to share our plans. We will, however, do our best to keep you up to date on the latest news from the teams as they design and implement future versions of developer tools.

Microsoft Futures is not designed to present a detailed specification of future features. Instead, its purpose is to outline in broad strokes, and easy to understand terms, the directions that team will take in the future.

Current areas of interest

DynamicLookup for C# (Jan 25, 2008)
Call Hierarchy
Searching and Navigating to Symbols
Document Map Margin
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