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The VSPackage Builder is a project template that has been developed to make it easier to get started building rich Visual Studio 2010 VSPackage-based extensions.

VSPackage Builder projects incorporate a “vspackage” design surface that allows command UI and toolwindow instances to be composed graphically using a familiar VS designer model where the toolbox contains the available instance types and the property browser is used to set instance properties.


The toolbox also contains QuickStart elements that perform common tasks like adding a tool window. This interface allows you to experiment with the template and get to F5 quickly.

The VSPackage Builder generates most of the boilerplate command handling code. You can also override event handlers and create user control content for tool windows. This approach facilitates experimentation and rapid prototyping, and enables greater focus on the business logic aspects of the extension.


VSPackage Builder has been developed for Visual Studio 2010 and requires that the Visual Studio 2010 SDK be installed.

For more information about Visual Studio extensibility or the VS SDK, please refer to the VSX Developer Center at


The VSPackage Builder is available for download from the Visual Studio Gallery.
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