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These samples are for Visual Studio SDK 2010 in the WCF Service Consumption Tools area.

VS SDK Samples for WCF Service Consumption Tools


There are 3 samples included in this resource, each containing both Visual Basic and C# projects.

1. AsrDiscoverButton -- Extending the Discover button in the Add Service Reference dialog

This sample demonstrates how to add additional menu items to the drop-down portion of the Discover button on the Add Service Reference (ASR) dialog box.

2. EndpointPicker-- Customizing the generated code through WSDL importer extensions

This sample application demonstrates WCF Reference extensibility for customizing the generated code through WSDL importer extensions. The sample application creates a Add Custom Web Reference menu item in Solution Explorer which displays the Add Service Reference dialog box and then displays a window in which specific endpoints can be selected. The generated proxy consists of only the code for selected endpoints.

3. ServiceReferenceExplorer -- Enumerating WCF References in a tool window

This sample demonstrates WCF Service Reference extensibility. The sample application creates a tool window which displays reference groups and associated properties. You can add or delete reference groups and change reference group options through context menus for each tree nodes in the Extensibility Explorer tool window.

For more information, see the overview.xml file associated with each project.


Visual Studio 2010 Beta 2
Visual Studio 2010 SDK Beta 2

Download and install:

Download the zip file associated with the sample.
Unzip the sample to your machine.
Double click on the Visual Basic or C# solution (.sln) file to launch the solution.

Building and running the sample:

To build and execute a sample, press F5 after the sample is loaded
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