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Note that the Visual Studio Visualization and Modeling SDK is the result of merging the DSL SDK (also named DSL Tools), and the extensibility features of the Visual Studio Ultimate architecture tools.

Download Instructions

Download the vsvm_sdk.exe setup file from the following location: VsVmSdk

Install / Uninstall Instructions

To install the Visual Studio Visualization and Modeling SDK:
  • Install the VS SDK as a pre-requisite
  • run the vsvm_dk.exe setup file as an administrator and follow the instructions.

To uninstall, perform one of the following steps:
  • Rerun the vsvm_sdk.exe setup file and choose Remove.
  • Remove by using the Add/Remove option in the Windows Control Panel.

What is new?

See the What's new page on Code Gallery.

Known Issues

Please visit the Visualization and Modeling SDK Known Issues page on Code Gallery.

Useful Links

Samples and Documentation

For samples and Beta documentation, visit the following page on Code Gallery:


For more information, visit the following blogs of several members on the DSL Tools team:

For more information about Visual Studio Ultimate architecture tools, visit For general information about Visual Studio Extensibility, visit the VSX page on MSDN:

Get Help

For more help, visit the Visual Studio 2010 Domain-Specific Languages (DSL) & Modeling Tools Extensibility. For faster processing:
  • for DSL tools related questions, please preface your feedback’s subject title with the [dsl] word, and add the [dsl] tag.
  • for Architecture Tools related questions, preface the subject title with the ArchTools: string, and also tag it with the archtools

Send Feedback

To send feedback or report bugs and suggestions, visit the Microsoft Connect site: For DSL Tools related questions faster processing, preface your feedback’s subject title with the [dsl] word.

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