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"Error 0: type mismatch" when using 'copylocal' parameter


When using the 'copylocal' parameter in order to create a directory containing the necessary files (so wim2vhd can work without the WAIK/OPK installed), the process stops giving with 'Error: 0: Type mismatch'. Using the trace parameter, it seems that it does not find the VHDTOOL.EXE file.

Has anyone encountered this error, or tried to create such a file/directory structure?

I used the following command: cscript wim2vhd.wsf /wim:r:\sources\install.wim /sku:ULTIMATE /copylocal:c:\test2 /trace:true

Thanks for your assistance..


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mikekol wrote Apr 21 2010 at 12:40 AM
Fix is checked into source control. Will be released with SR1.
Incidentally, even though this errors out, you should be able to run WIM2VHD from your copylocal directory after the failure. The failure happens on the very last step, and that step is optional anyway.

If you have issues getting it to work, you may also want to delete diskpart.exe from your copylocal directory. I've been having problems with that lately, and I'm still investigating that.

mikekol wrote Apr 20 2010 at 6:06 PM
Fix is written - waiting on test pass.

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