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Wrapper C++ Classes for win32 threadpool APIs to submit work items, create timer objects or wait on events. Supports both private threadpool or the default process-wide threadpool.

Look at to read the accompanying tutorial that explains the classes in this download.

The download includes the following files; PrivateThreadPool.h, SimpleThreadPool.h, TimerThreadPool.h, WindowsThreadPool.h, WinThreadPool.cpp and WinThreadPool.vcxproj.

You need to download all the files to the same directory and open the WinThreadPool.vcxproj file using Visual Studio 2010. If you want to open in a previous version of Visual Studio, select File->New->Project From existing code and point it to the directory which contains the files you just downloaded.

Supports the following APIs:
  1. CreateThreadpool
  2. SubmitThreadpoolWork
  3. TrySubmitThreadpoolCallback
  4. InitializeThreapdoolEnvironment
  5. CreateThreadpoolCleanupGroup
  6. SetThreadpoolCallbackCleanupGroup
  7. CloseThreadpoolCleanupGroupMembers
  8. CloseThreadpolCleanupGroup
  9. SetThreadpoolCallbackPriority
  10. SetThreadpoolCallbackPool
  11. CreateThreadpoolWork
  12. CreateThreadpoolTimer
  13. SetThreadpoolTimer
  14. CloseThreadpoolTimer
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