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This is a windbg script that I wrote to dump the column names from a data table.

$$ Dumps all column names from a DataTable
$$ Written by: Vijay
$$ Run as: $$>a<DumpColumnNames.txt DataTableAddress
$$ Example : $$>a<D:\CaseFiles\DumpColumnNames.txt 0x5a055714

ad /q *

.printf "\n Data Table : ${$arg1} \n";

.foreach (DataColumn {!do poi(poi(poi(${$arg1}+ 0x18) + 0x8) + 0x4) -v -short}){
.printf " Data Column : ${DataColumn} \t";
$$ !do poi(${DataColumn}+0x28)
!dumpfield -field _columnName ${DataColumn} -string
.printf "\n";

For more details about the script visit
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