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The LangConv sample application demonstrates the transliteration functionalities in ELS (Extended Linguistic Services) using Managed Extensions for C++. Most of the source code in this sample application is written using the .NET Framework, such as file I/O and encoding (codepage) conversions. Unmanaged code is used to call Win32 ELS (Extended Linguistic Services) functions. Since managed code can seamlessly call into the unmanaged code, we can benefit from the richness of the .NET class libraries and Win32 libraries.

Related resources
Please refer to the sources below for additional information on technologies mentioned above:
Overview of ELS (Extended Linguistic Services)
Managed extensions for C++ (Alternately, you can also search for "Managed Extensions for C++" on the MSDN site.)

System Requirements:
In order to be able to compile and run the LangConv sample application, your system must meet the following requirements:
Visual Studio 2008 or later is installed.
Windows 7 SDK is installed and is selected as the current Installed SDK version. Note: RC versions and later of the Windows 7 SDK are required for this sample.

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