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The sample XPS applications demonstrate how to perform some common programming tasks with the XPS Document API.

Sample Name Native Sample Code Managed Sample Code Description
XpsAllSamples All XPS Document API programming examples in a single download.
XpsFlowText Demonstrates how to place text on a page in an XPS document. The native sample also demonstrates how to use DirectWrite to create a text layout to place on an XPS page. For more information about this example, see FlowText.
XpsLoadModifySave ManagedXpsLoadModifySave Demonstrates how to load an XPS document, modify the contents, and then save the modified document. For more information about this example, see XpsLoadModifySave.
XpsOMPrint NativeXpsOMPrint N/A Demonstrates how to print an XPS OM by using the XPS Print API. This example is not applicable for managed code. For more information about this example, see XpsOMPrint.
XpsRollup Demonstrates how to combine multiple XPS documents into a single XPS document and rename the resource parts in the merged document to prevent part name conflicts. This sample illustrates how to identify and navigate the component parts of an XPS document. For more information about this example, see XpsRollup.
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WillSullivan wrote  Sep 14 2009 at 6:08 PM  
by "flow text" you mean "flow document", right?

Harbinger wrote  Apr 26 2012 at 2:45 AM  
In XpsFlowText sample,why after I change the output string from english characters to Chinese characters,the document generated quite slowly?

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