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Version 2.00


This is the version to use for Microsoft Office SharePoint Server (MOSS) 2007 or Windows SharePoint Services 3.0.

Response to the Beta was great - however no code changes were necessary, so there is no need to upgrade if you installed the "Beta"; this released version is identical.


UPDATE: Someone requested more tabs - for source code users this is easy (change the constant in ZoneTabsConstants.cs). For convenience, there is a build w/12 tabs below called EasyTabParts12Tabs.wsp. Please install one OR the other of the wsp files (the regular version has 6 tabs max). The web parts are otherwise identical; you should be able to redpoly from the other package for an in-place upgrade of existing ZoneTabs web parts.


Source Code ZoneTabs_20.zip
source code, 1540K, uploaded Jul 8 2008  - 7090 downloads
Documentation ReadMe.doc
documentation, 2138K, uploaded Jul 8 2008  - 5987 downloads
Runtime Binary EasyTabParts.wsp
runtime binary, 74K, uploaded Jul 8 2008  - 3628 downloads
Runtime Binary EasyTabParts_12Tabs.wsp
runtime binary, 73K, uploaded Mar 25 2009  - 2409 downloads

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